Ben Neal
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    "always at the cutting edge of technology, education and arts practice"
    - Andrew Pearsall (Birmingham City University)
    "continually exceeded my original design brief"
    - Tony Coleman, VJ (TheLAB)
    "expert advice and solutions"
    - Shayal Chhibber, PHD student
    "easy to communicate with, very creative, extremely reliable...
    good value for money"
    - Dr. C. Samantha Porter (Loughborough University)
    "a talented and consummate creative force, and a pleasure to work with'"
    - Shaun Kelly, Musician (The Lights)
    "passion & enthusiasm for projects & challenges...
    an invaluable contact"
    - Charlie Levine, Arts Curator
    "understands... no matter how bizarre or impossible the task"
    - Nat Pitt, Gallery Owner (Pitt Studio)
    " extremely talented, versatile creative ...very proficient..."
    - Matt Robinson, Artist (Jin Pow)
    "made it possible ...thanks to his computer wizardry."
    - Will Parker, Artist (World of Parker)
    "stretching the boundries of what most people could conceive"
    - Matthew Rowley, Associate
    "very genuine passion about the work and the final product"
    - Ria Butler, Manager (Eastern Garden)
    "excellent creative input to improve on the original prototype"
    - Matthew Head, PHD Student
    "understood exactly what I needed."
    - Sandra Graham, Artist
    "we love working with him!"
    - Louise Latter, Head of Programme (Birmingham Open Media)
    "Creative and considered approach to multiple unknown challenges"
    - Halina Dominska, Artist
    "I'm consistently amazed by Ben's breadth of knowledge
    and knack for finding creative solutions."
    - Edie Jo Murray, Artist
    "we have had lots of different art and tech opportunities
    and we really have this first experience working with Ben to thank for that"
    - Anna Horton, Artist (One Five West)
    "great to collaborate with, creating some really inspiring work"
    - Oliver Scott, Mercurial Dance
    "His combination of artistic and technical skills are unique"
    - John Sear, Real-World Game Designer (Museum Games)
    "A fantastic collaborator. I recommend him highly"
    - Kerryn Wise, Digital Dance Artist
    "extremely professional to work with
    - he made the complexities of technology clearly understandable"
    - Chris Poolman, Artist (General Public)
    "no matter how far it pushes the imagination - Ben can make it happen"
    - Harmeet Chagger-Khan, Artist
    "he creates magic"
    - Seraina Dejaco, Dancer
    "a creative, super-technician and natural educator we have enjoyed working with him over many years"
    - Matt Hogan, Head of Operations (Ikon Gallery)
    "an extremely knowledgeable artist and creative technologist, who went above and beyond our expectations
    - Karolina Korupczynska (Stryx Gallery)
    "his work is consistently a joy!"
    - Nick Murray, Producer (Now Play This)