Interactive 3D Art Galleries

Made by Ben Neal (Psicon Lab) with students from Oasis Academy Hobmoor.

Student's drew images of themselves aged 80 years old in the year 2097 in a future city. The artwork was then photographed and added to 3D worlds.

In the exhibition you could navigate around using environmentally friendly custom controllers which replaced the mouse and keyboard, and disguised the laptops.

Keyboard controllers were made of old padded envelopes fitted with tinfoil and attached to MakeyMakeys.

The mouse was replaced with Little Bits kits hidden inside cardboard boxes with dials, levers and lights.

The laptops were hidden inside boxes decorated with images of people, plants, animals and products with lines connecting them all to symbolise an environmental network and to show we should look after our environment to secure a good future, and that everything in our world is connected.

Four 3D environments we're created by Ben and the student's work was added to it. Moving around the 3D world is a fun, interesting and creative way to view the art.

Here are the 3D environments which were created using Three Js, and we're shown in the exhibition.


3D Carousel

Car Navigator

Flight Navigator

Night-time City Walk

Photos from the exhibition