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Project :
Mood Pinball
Collaborator :
Open Data Institute
Description :

Mood Pinball is an artwork in the form of a pinball game. Made with artists Edie Jo Murray and Harmeet Chagger-Khan, Mood Pinball allows players to expose city-wide noise data by visiting different locations at different times of day. Your mood can rise or fall based on noise levels, and the aim is to stay happy. A full size physical pinball machine was constructed with arcade buttons and ball shooter, and you can play on your phone as an Android mobile app, or in the browser. The work developed from workshops with neurodiverse participants who were asked how access to data might inform their lives.

Shown at Victoria and Albert Museum, The Open Data Institute, The Herbert Gallery, BOM, Coventry Biennial, The Bond Gallery and Broadway Cinema (Nottingham). Commissioned by the Open Data Institute (ODI) in partnership with the University of Southampton DataStories project, supported by the EPSRC, grant number EP/PO25676/1. Produced by BOM. Pinball cabinet by Joseph Welden with additional laser cutting by Juneau Projects. Music by Arc Vel. Photo credit-Paul Clarke. Available for exhibition - visit the website.

Year :
"always at the cutting edge of technology, education and arts practice"
- Andrew Pearsall (Birmingham City University)
"continually exceeded my original design brief"
- Tony Coleman, VJ (TheLAB)
"expert advice and solutions"
- Shayal Chhibber, PHD student
"easy to communicate with, very creative, extremely reliable...
good value for money"
- Dr. C. Samantha Porter (Loughborough University)
"a talented and consummate creative force, and a pleasure to work with'"
- Shaun Kelly, Musician (The Lights)
"passion & enthusiasm for projects & challenges...
an invaluable contact"
- Charlie Levine, Arts Curator
"understands... no matter how bizarre or impossible the task"
- Nat Pitt, Gallery Owner (Pitt Studio)
" extremely talented, versatile creative ...very proficient..."
- Matt Robinson, Artist (Jin Pow)
"made it possible ...thanks to his computer wizardry."
- Will Parker, Artist (World of Parker)
"stretching the boundries of what most people could conceive"
- Matthew Rowley, Associate
"very genuine passion about the work and the final product"
- Ria Butler, Manager (Eastern Garden)
"excellent creative input to improve on the original prototype"
- Matthew Head, PHD Student
"understood exactly what I needed."
- Sandra Graham, Artist
"we love working with him!"
- Louise Latter, Head of Programme (Birmingham Open Media)
"Creative and considered approach to multiple unknown challenges"
- Halina Dominska, Artist
"I'm consistently amazed by Ben's breadth of knowledge
and knack for finding creative solutions."
- Edie Jo Murray, Artist
"we have had lots of different art and tech opportunities
and we really have this first experience working with Ben to thank for that"
- Anna Horton, Artist (One Five West)
"great to collaborate with, creating some really inspiring work"
- Oliver Scott, Mercurial Dance
"His combination of artistic and technical skills are unique"
- John Sear, Real-World Game Designer (Museum Games)
"A fantastic collaborator. I recommend him highly"
- Kerryn Wise, Digital Dance Artist
"extremely professional to work with
- he made the complexities of technology clearly understandable"
- Chris Poolman, Artist (General Public)
"no matter how far it pushes the imagination - Ben can make it happen"
- Harmeet Chagger-Khan, Artist
"he creates magic"
- Seraina Dejaco, Dancer
"a creative, super-technician and natural educator we have enjoyed working with him over many years"
- Matt Hogan, Head of Operations (Ikon Gallery)
"an extremely knowledgeable artist and creative technologist, who went above and beyond our expectations
- Karolina Korupczynska (Stryx Gallery)
"his work is consistently a joy!"
- Nick Murray, Producer (Now Play This)
"responsive and generous with his skills and ideas.
He's always keen to innovate and push the limits"
- Sarah Martindale (Mixed Reality Lab, Nottingham University)
"The final work was fantastic... not only due to Ben's digital skills but to the time and commitment put into ensuring the work was high quality."
- Nick Slater(LU Arts)
"a very impressive problem solver...
caring and professional commitment to the project"
- Tyrone Huggins (Actor)
"Ben combines creativity and technical proficiency...
to get the best out of any idea."
- Baff Akoto (Artist)