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Motionhouse-VR Demo
VR Demo

VR & interactive volumetric video
Kerryn Wise-Dis_place
Kerryn Wise

Virtual Reality & immersive audio
Papa November-As Your Wave Is Refracted
Papa November
As Your Wave Is Refracted

Interactive Android music video
BOM-Escape Game
Escape Game

Escape game workshop
Rachel Maclean-R U Satisfied
Rachel Maclean
R U Satisfied

Embedded wearable technology
Mercurial Dance-Every Child is an Artist
Mercurial Dance
Every Child is an Artist

Interactive virtual galleries
BOM-BOM Summercamp
BOM Summercamp

Childrens technology activities
MyMaths-Flash Games
Flash Games

Interactive educational games
One Five West-Code and Carpentry
One Five West
Code and Carpentry

Interactive musical environment
TeeT Shirts-T-Shirt Designer
TeeT Shirts
T-Shirt Designer

Interactive garment designer
Loughborough University-Real People
Loughborough University
Real People

Multimedia presentation tool
Juneau Projects-Santur
Juneau Projects

Virtual instrument
Personal Projects-PHLUMX
Personal Projects

Video mixing software
Personal Projects-VJ
Personal Projects

VJing and live video mixing
Juneau Projects-Sewn to the Sky
Juneau Projects
Sewn to the Sky

Computer game and musical interface